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Sheep, Llama, Alpaca and Rabbits


Four Horned Jacob Sheep

"Paddy" was the special little lamb that started us on our fiber animal journey.  He was a special needs lamb that required a lot of extra love and care, but he was a perfect little lamb to help us get started with fiber animals. Paddy is from our friends at Dragonwool Acres in Georgia.



Shetland/Iceland Sheep

Olaf was our second sheep and was brought to the farm to be a friend for Paddy.  Olaf, true to the character he was named after, is a happy, smiling fellow always ready for attention and always up to something. He is quite a character. Olaf is from our friends at Adonai's Alpacas in Georgia.

Shetland/Icelandic Sheep.JPEG


Two Horned Jacob Sheep

Luigi was our third sheep here at the farm and he is a sweetheart. Beautiful fleece, great personality, and just a very calm boy. He is from our friends at
Dragonwool Acres in Georgia.

Two Horned Jacob Sheep. JPEG


Fused Four Horn Jacob Sheep

We just couldn't pass us up this sweet boy when we saw him at the Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair in Asheville, NC. He is a big boy and has a lovely fleece. Thankfully he is also a marshmallow and loves chin scratches. Tater came to us all the way from our friends at Glory to God Farm in New York.

Our Sheep: Meet the Team
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